Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children: Book Vs. Movie

                                                               [SPOILERS THROUGHOUT]

If you've seen the Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children film adaptation directed by Tim Burton then you'll know how well put together it is. We get to see these amazing characters with amazing abilities that allow us to embrace our differences. However, if you've read the original book then you'll be very annoyed with how much it has been changed. 

Personally I watched the film before I read the book and thought the film was a master piece, one of Burton's best movies. I loved the characters and felt that Asa Butterfield was a perfect casting for Jacob (the main character). I especially loved the ending in Blackpool as it is a place that I am personally familiar with and have been since I was a child, it was the film that made me want to read the book!

But when I read the book I was left feeling more than slightly baffled. For some reason they changed Emma's peculiarity from the ability to manipulate fire to being lighter than air. Now I do appreciate that the scene underwater in the boat wouldn't of been possible without this change and it was a very key scene to the rest of the films plot but why couldn't they of just followed the books plot?! This is basically the point where the film breaks from the original storyline. 

The next key event that is changed in my opinion is how Jacob realises his peculiarity. In the book it's when he is telling Miss Peregrine about how his grandfather died and what he saw. However in the film it is realised when Emma takes Jacob to see Miss Peregrine kill a hallow with a crossbow. Although it was not confirmed why this change was made I feel it was to fit with the new persona given to Miss Peregrine. In the book she is portrayed as a stern middle aged old woman with a pipe however in the film she is played by Eva Green who is pretty much the oppersite of the books version. So it would make sense that she was more proactive that the other persona and the film wanted a way to show that. 

Now after the point of Uncle Oggy (in the films) being killed things change too much to even be able to link them too each other. In the film Mr Barron (a completely new character for the film who is meant to be Dr Golan) tries to steal Miss Perigrene but the children get her back and she transforms back into her human form. Where in the books she is kidnapped by Dr Golan but rescued by her children however she can't turn back into her human form. That's basically where the book ends and the second in the trilogy (Hallow City) would begin but the film goes on further to a big battle in Blackpool Tower. 

Have you watched the film or read the book? What did you think about this adaptation? Please let me know in the comments. 

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