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Holiday Havoc

Everyone loves a good holiday. A break from it all with your friends or family, but we also have the frustration of packing. Now if you've ever packed for a holiday then you'll know just how daunting a task it is. All of a sudden you've gone from being a normal person to a Tetris master, a weather man and you're prepared for a zombie apocalypse!
Lets start with the first issue, usually you'd be the kind of person that would overload draws when tidying and half the contents of your wardrobe on your floor but when going on holiday you simply can't do that. All of a sudden you have 1 suitcase that needs to contain enough clothes to last you 2 weeks! Sure that doesn't sound too hard but then you realise that little black dress that you love would be perfect for a meal out but not necessarily a day at the beach. There's now 2 outfits for one day, not to mention that the weather can be so unpredictable that shorts and a short aren't always a safe option.


Welcome to my wierd and wonderful world!

Well hello there friends, welcome to my reality!

I'd just like to introduces you to Ashes To Ashes! So this is basically just a place where I want to expressive my personality and express myself. This means I could literally post about ANYTHING, whatever's going on inside my head. Basically if I'm thinking about it, I'm writing it.

So I will update regularly and I hope you enjoy reading! Have a great day!

Lots of love,
Ash x