What's in my bag?

Hey guys!
So I thought I'd do something a little different today. I was on YouTube (like you do) and I decided to jump on the old trend train and do a 'what's in my bag' blog because why not.
 Okay so this is my bag. It's the Zoella On My Travels lifestyle bag which I got in a gift set for £50 from Boots. I absolutely love this bag like it is the perfect colour to go with any outfit and I adore the peachy/apricot colour on the inside. I feel like it just looks really fresh. The only major fault I would say it has is that it doesn't have a zip pocket inside for your phone or anything that you need easy access to. But apart from that it is great.

In my bag I have a hell of a lotta stuff. It's actually weird the amount of different things I have and  half of them I didn't even know I had in there. So in my bag I have:
  • A Me To You bear umbrella - because in the UK, it almost always rains!!! (Plus its really cute)
  • Purse - I love this purse as it is Nightmare Before Christmas and that is one of my favourite films ever!
  • A Twirl - Because when do you not need a chocolaty snack?
  • Phone charger - Because you never know when you need to charge your phone. (Also my phone isn't here because I forgot to put it with everything because at this moment it wasn't in my bag.)
  • Trebor gum - Fresh breath is a must.
  • Barbara Daly lipstick in the shade plumping sugar candy - This is quite old but it is legit my favourite shade.
  • hand sanitizer - Basically just a necessity.
  • Raspberry body mist - a nice scent to start the day.
  • Packet of tissues - Another necessity.
  • Zoella hungry hands hand cream - I love the scent of gingerbread man and having in a hand cream is just amazing.
  • Little pocket mirror - For checking your makeup.
  • Halls throat sweets - I hate having a sore throat so I try to get rid of it as quickly as possible and these help with this.
  • Sugar skull hand warmer - Its always seems cold here so this is great to warm up.
  • Comb - Just to brush my hair through.
  • Manicure Kit - I absolutely love the colours of this, it is a blush pink with rose gold and it is perfect. Its conveniently sized and has everything I need.
  • Charlie body spray - Just because.
  • Earphones - For when you want to ignore everyone on the train.
  • Fujifilm camera - Cute little camera perfect for on the go quality photos.
Okay so that's what's in my bag and I hope you enjoyed and have a great day!

Lots of love,
Ash xxx


  1. Cute post! My bag has similar items except I never carry an umbrella coz I'm to lazy to do that and having to dry it off haha



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