Tim Burton's Top 5

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Have you ever wondered which of Tim Buton's movies over his 30 year career is his best? If you've seen them then you'll know it is VERY difficult to chose. Between Nightmare Before Christmas and Sweeney Todd you have a lot of variety in one directors history. So let's get into it then you can have the best Tim Burton marathon ever!!!

5. Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
If you've read my last post about this film then you'll know I love it as long as I don't think about the book. This features actors Asa Butterfield and Eva Green who work amazingly together to create a fantasy film that you question the reality of. 

4. Beetlejuice
This film was the launch of Burton's career. The story follows a couple who have been killed and have become ghosts and now they have to scare away the family who are coming into their home, however things don't quite go to plan. Great family movie with lovable characters and an alternative outlook on the afterlife. 

3. Sweeney Todd:Damon Barber On Fleet Street
Three words, Johnny Depp's voice. I knew that Depp had been singing from a young age but from the first song, There's No Place Like London, I was pleasently surprised. His portrayal of the murderous barber and Helena Bonham-Carters portrayal of the love struck accomplice are perfect. However if your screamish you may need to hide behind a pillow at times. 

2. Edward Scissorhands
The touching tale of a boy who was created by a scientist is found abandoned in an old castle and brought back into civilisation and everything is okay but it isn't long before people begin to victimise him for his differences particularly his hands which are scissors due to the fact that he "isn't finished".

1. Nightmare Before Christmas
In my opinion Nightmare Before Christmas is the best Tim Burton film to date. It's quirky characters and it's unique narrative and setting gives this film a real sense of Burton. Based on a poem the film follows Jack Skellington on his mission to do his own Christmas kind of like a crossover with the grinch who stole Christmas. And no matter what anyone says, THIS IS NOT A FILM JUST FOR HALLOWEEN AND CHRISTMAS! You can watch it all day everyday.

Okay so there's my top 5, I hope you enjoy them and comment what your favourite Tim Burton film is. 

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