Define, normal...

Normal. How would you define it? Is normal going to the shop and buying a pint of milk or ordering takeout? How can we say what is normal and what isn't when everyone has a different story, a different path. When we say the words 'normal' we think of our routine and decide on whether our day was normal compared to others, but we also say that normal is thing we would never end up doing.
What is a normal life? Must you have 2 parents together and always around, your sibling in the next room and a great school where you have friends and get good grades before going off to college to continue the cycle. Then you leave for uni and get a 9 to 5 job. Does that sound normal to you? That you never run into any problems and that everyone is in a privileged home with a loving family.
What do I think is normal? I think there's no such thing. Everyone has their own uniqueness and no matter how much someone would want to conform to societies idea of 'normal' they wouldn't be able to because there will always be that twinkle in their eye that shows them as a new person. So no, normal isn't following all the latest trends and adapting for everyone else, normal is being you. The only way for anyone to fit in and be normal is to not hide their uniqueness and just explore the inner depths of their own mind.

Normal = You

Thanks for reading guys, I guess I'm just sick of hearing the word normal being tossed around in a poor context. Hope you have a great day and stay true to yourself.
Lots of love,
Ash xxx


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